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Hey wat ^ ? You will now enter a page that explains the differences of parallel and series circuits. This page is all about. This page was made officially by Thrinisha Sanders.Don't be a hater just read and you'll learn a whole lot.This page will talk about the differemces between the Series and Parralel Circuits. I hope you enjoy.

The diferences between the series and parallel circuit is the way they're both connected.The series circuit uses less wires because it looks like it's going in a circle. The parallel circuit looks disorganized.In houses we use the parallel circuit.We use this circuit because when one light goes out the others continue to function.In a series circuit if a light bulb goes out the rest of the lights will not function.The difference between the Series and parallel circuit is that in a series circuit the resistance in the circuits are added up but in a parallel circuit they are not added up.

Below are pictures of how both the series and parallel circuit looks.

The following paragraph will explain what we have learnes about circuits.

During the activity we did a couple of experiments.In each experiment we used a hand generator. The way that it conducted electricity was when you turn the handle on the generator it moved a motor which conducted electricity.

When electricity runs through the filament in the light bulb it's what keeps the light buld on.If the filament was to burn out the light bulb would not function.The filament is connected to two pieces inside the light bulb that generates the light to function.

If the light bulb is connected to the hand generator the amount of current would play a role on how bright the light bulb would be.If you were to push the handle too fast the light bulb would burn out.

We pay for electricity by kilowatts per hour.We use that method to pay for our electricity but this is per month. The more electricity we use, the more we have to pay when the bill of the month comes.